Best Paper Awards

Franklin V. Taylor Memorial Award

The Award Committee made its final decision about the “Candidates of the Franklin V. Taylor Memorial Award at IEEE SMC 2016":


Paper ID 2143, Michael Balchanos (USA), George Bucsan (USA), Dimitri Mavris (USA), Jae Seung Lee (USA), Masanori Ishigaki (USA), Atsushi Iwai (USA), Management of Technologies for Electric Vehicle Efficiency Towards Optimizing Range

Paper ID 2387, Anis Yazidi (Norway), Frode Eika Sandnes (Norway), Data Fusion without Knowledge of the Ground Truth Using Tseltin-like Automata

Paper ID 1978, Levente Kovács (Hungary), György Eigner (Hungary), Convex Polytopic Modeling of Diabetes Mellitus: A Tensor Product based approach

Paper ID 1322, Ryan M Robinson (USA), Michael McCourt (USA), William D Nothwang (USA), Emily Doucette (USA), Jess Willard Curtis (USA), Degree of Automation in Command and Control Decision Support Systems

Paper ID 2484, Shun Kumakura (JP), Akihide Shibata (JP), Mitsuru Higashimori (JP) , Texture Evaluation System of Paste Food by Using Elastic Imitation Tongue



Best Student Paper Award

The Award Committee made its final decision about the “IEEE SMC 2016 Best Student Paper Finalists”:

Paper ID 1344, Shin Kamada (JP) Takumi Ichimura (JP), An Adaptive Learning Method of Restricted Boltzmann Machine by Neuron Generation and Annihilation Algorithm

Paper ID 1405, Shinya Sasaki (JP), Tadatsugi Okazaki (JP), Feasibility Study for Telexistence on a Ship - Measurement of Delay Time of Satellite  Communication

Paper ID 1520, Kazuhide Okamoto (USA), Panagiotis Tsiotras (USA), A New Hybrid Sensorimotor Driver Model with Model Predictive Control

Paper ID 1558, Darius Nahavandi (AU), Julie Iskander (AU), Mo Hossny (AU), Vahid Haydari (AU), Shannon Harding (AU), Ergonomic Effects of using Lift Augmentation Devices in Mining Activities

Paper ID 1720, Xuan Chen (SG), Binh Phu Nguyen (SG), Chee Kong Chui (SG), Automated Brain Tumor Segmentation using Kernel Dictionary Learning and Superpixel-level Features